The arrival of an idea…..

Its not always that one practical life changing idea comes to you that totally shakes you out of your reverie and puts purpose and hope in every second of your life….

When it does…..WOW!!!!… looks like a basket full of all the things you want….waiting to be opened…..

Something like this happened to me a month back….

Well….let me elaborate a bit on my life….I am a shippie’s wife who travels a lot (on ships mostly…not to many shore outings here) with an incessant confusion on her mind about her individuality….somehow I just cannot figure out myself and more specifically WHAT I WANT…..

Though it may seem like a common enough problem…but reader…please understand that the kind of confusion I am talking about cannot be categorized as general….I am,I admit,totally and hopelessly messed up about my being…or rather WAS messed up till the aforementioned idea arrived and my utterly contorted and distorted self image started taking a vague form…if not an outline of a shape.

I was always creative…or I’d like to think that I am…but here again my confusion took precedence and I had no idea where to channelize it for something fruitful….my sketchpad remained filled with useless scribbles and my mind with half baked ideas….

THEN IT HAPPENED….quite by chance,i must say….when a casual conversation with a friend,baked into full grown,a long cherished(though subconciously) wish of mine.My wish to open a shop filled with beautiful,unusual,desirable and original goodies….a shop which is an outlet for completing all my unfulfilled and incomplete sketches…..a shop where one comes in when in confusion and goes out smiling,satisfied at finding things which they never could imagine that they would need…..

I welcome you all to my world ….SHINKI OPENS SHOP….for all kinds of quirky,funny,classy,unusual,over the top,subdued and above all,artistic stuff that you can imagine…..Shinki does it all….BIG HUG!!!!!!


Learning to connect….better late than never!!!

It was scandalous how much I didn’t know….

I thought that I was reasonably well versed with the web…knew most of the things and could talk about it….

Little did I know that my knowledge was next to nil….and what I was talking about was mostly uninformed gibberish….

Connecting for me started with my Blackberry…puchased after eating the husband’s head,making false promises of not asking for anyhing for 6months(my husband’s always stuck on this 6 month timeframe…don’t know why,though) and generally being complacent and endearing at all times..till the purchase was made finally.

It opened up this unreal world of free instant messaging,accessing the web at any time,social networking at one touch…and generally being able to connect to anything and any person that I wish at any time….IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

Being how I am….my phone liberated me….took me to another universe away from my regular routine(as a shippie’s wife,that can be quite monotonous…but that’s another story)….but still attached to it in every possible way…..

Then came my sis with her immense knowledge(at least in comparison to mine) about this total parallel world of incessant tweeting,voicing opinions and discussing them on forums,blogging…and as a result being always busy both mentally and physically(come on…writing is a physical thing….)….IT MADE ME FEEL SMALL AND IMMENSE….all at the same time……IT WAS CRAZY!!!!!

This world that I have just entered has no barriers,no limits,no distinction(gender,religion or otherwise)…and allows one to be as creative or as non creative as one wishes to be… shows respect to all opinions and appreciates every idividual thought,as fleeting or flimsy it might be…

It has given me another direction to move purposefully towards…..I feel very welcome in this CRAZY,SMALL,IMMENSE and AWESOME world and wish to stay here forever… Thank you my baby sister for what you have done for me…I’ll be forever grateful!!!

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